I can’t get my machine to throw hard, how can I get it to throw harder?

To throw hard with your Ultimate Pitching Machine, make sure your speed settings are set correctly on the foot lever.  Speed settings can be found on the Throwing Arm Shield.  Also, make sure you step on the foot lever to its maximum spring tension to insure you are throwing at its maximum speed at the current setting.

How do you change the speed settings on the UPM45 and UPM50?

To change the speed settings on the Ultimate Pitching Machine use the provided speed setting chart on the top of the Throwing Arm Shield.  Choose the speed that you want by removing the pin on the foot lever and sliding the spring to the desired setting and put the pin in that setting to secure the spring.

How do you throw a Change-Up with the UPM45 and UPM50?

To throw a change-up with the Ultimate Pitching Machine, step on the foot lever until it’s maximum spring tension at any speed setting and let up slightly on the lever approximately to release some tension on the spring and then slowly pull the release lever.  As you get more familiar with the machine, adjust the amount of tension release to change speeds.

Is it possible to throw fly balls with the UPM45 and UPM50?

Yes.  The following video shows how to throw fly balls using the UPM45.

Is it possible to throw ground balls with the UPM45 and UPM50?

Yes.  The following video shows how to throw grounders using the UPM45.

How do you make small adjustments up or down in the strike zone with the UPM45 and UPM50?

Using the Micro-Adjustment Knob on the Throwing Arm you can make slight adjustments up and down in the strike zone.  Simply turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the pitch up and down in the strike zone.


How do you use the stake system to stabilize the UPM45 and UPM50 to make the pitches more consistent?

upm45groundanchorsThe Ultimate Pitching Machine includes two metal stakes that can be attached to the front stabilizer bar.  Once these stakes are attached, place the machine where you would like to pitch from and firmly step above the stakes to sink them into the ground.  The stakes will prevent the Ultimate Pitching Machine from moving side to side from the tourque of the throw and keep the machine more consistent while throwing in batting practice and games.

If you are in an area that is sandy and the provided stakes do not secure the machine properly, purchase 6-inch carriage bolts to replace the stakes and use these in the sandy areas.  Be sure to use the same spacers and washers and secure the carriage bolt with a lock nut.

An important fact is that the amount of weight put on the machine while pressing down the power lever, “will” affect the height of the throw.  With less weight, the machine absorbs the energy and the ball will be lower.  For the most accurate throws, the weight pressing down needs to be constant.


How often should I replace the spring in my UPM45 and UPM50?

It is based on the amount of use.  We usually recommend that at the start of the season you replace the spring to insure the performance and accuracy is at the best level.


Can I throw other types of balls other than regulation baseballs with the UPM45 and UPM50?

Yes, the Ultimate Pitching Machines will throw softballs, restricted flight balls, dimpled balls, cricket balls and any other balls that will fit on the machine..even soccer and volleyballs.


How do you replace the spring on the UPM45 and UPM50?

The following video demonstrates how you would replace the springs on the Ultimate Pitching Machines.